New Rules Soft Launch

Events = Cultural Currency

With 3,000 sqft, of flexible event space, 12ft ceiling heights, and updated fixtures, New Rules Event and Multi-purpose space is open to local and surrounding neighbors, businesses, and community organizations. We encourage community members to utilize the space for uses ranging from Meetings, Workshops, Training, Seminars, Receptions, Photoshoots, Luncheons, Anniversaries, Art Exhibitions, Book Signings, Live Music, Retail Pop-Ups, Fundraisers and more.


Members who lease the event space will have access to the following amenities:

3x rooms totaling over 3,000 sqft
Garage Door Storefronts
Access to Kitchenette; includes stove,
oven, and refrigeration)
Wi-Fi Internet
Access to Parking Lot
Serving Tables
Foldable Chairs
Lounge Furniture
Television Monitors + Cable
Sound System (Bluetooth Portable & Amplified Options)
Allow us to plan your next event! Why Us?
♦ Flexible dates, affordable rates, and amenities
♦ Expert staff who can plan and coordinate your event
♦ Our space incorporates elements of design, technology, and functionality


Annual Event Costing Comparison

*Based on 2016 Minneapolis, MN pricing
– Saturday Rate Comparison


**Do you live on the north side? All members who reside in North Minneapolis are eligible to receive the Northside discount!